Win a trip to Toronto to see R5!

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New R5 songs from their tour!

 If you went to their tour you would Imageprobably know these songs. But if you didnt and you still love R5 you can go to these links and check the songs out. BUT BEWARE! some are not good quality and there is alot of screaming involved!

So, here they are. (and I dont know if these are all of them.)

First a song called cali girls: [link]

DNA: [link]

(that one was just an lol but some of it was part of a new song)\

call me maybe cover:  [link]

anything you want: [link]

wishing i was 23: [link]

what do i have to do: [link]

baby is you: [link]

love to love her: [link]

THERE YOU GO! i think thats all of them… *shrugs* anyways i havent listened to all of them but wishing i was 23 is an awesome song! its sucked in my head! i keep hitting replay!

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Do you always wonder what R5 does? well now you can know! Just go to their Youtube page link below and you will laugh your butt off, tear up from joy, just watch while bored, or just listen to their music! They post videos of music videos, random stuff when they are bored, or some stuff they think you fans should know. And after your visit to their page why not check out youtube fan pages! loaded with lyrical videos and pics! GO TO THE LINK BELOW NOW!


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